Macfarlane Online to launch Brand-IT at Spring Fair

Macfarlane Packaging Online will launch its brand new personalisation portal, Brand-IT, at this year’s Spring Fair.

A team of Macfarlane Packaging experts will be on hand to showcase how Brand-it can help small online and start-up businesses customise a wide range of affordable packaging products, when they host a stand at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham from 4-8 February.

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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Packaging

The Government recently announced its 25 year environmental plan which looks to massively reduce plastic waste as one of its key goals. Add to this the mounting pressure from environmental organisations and environmentally-conscious consumers and it’s high time for retailers to join the movement by opting for more environmentally-friendly packaging.

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The different types of boxes and how they can protect your goods

Here's a question...

How much money does your business lose each year due to breakages? By that we mean returned sold items that have been damaged while in transit? Well, whatever that figure is, let's work together on it straightaway. Let's reduce that figure to zero, if we can. How? By ensuring that you're using the best, most suitable boxes for shipping purposes.

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