Eco-friendly packaging from Macfarlane Online

Did you know we save 17 trees for every tonne of paper we recycle?

If every person in the UK recycled just 10% more paper, this number could grow to over five million trees a year.

Paper is in fact one of the most commonly recycled materials on the planet, therefore, it comes as no surprise paper packaging is gaining popularity among environmentally-conscious customers.

At Macfarlane Online, we can offer a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions to help our customers meet their environmental and corporate responsibility goals.

Below are just a few examples together with their benefits:  

1.    Gummed paper tape (also known as water activated tape) is a great alternative to standard packaging tapes. It is made from natural materials, is 100% recyclable and does not need to be separated from the box before recycling.

It creates a strong bond with the box once applied, making the entire parcel more durable, and it cannot be removed from without noticing – a great deterrent against tampering.

2.    Geami WrapPak is an innovative paper cushioning solution that combines excellent product protection with beautiful presentation. It consists of a patented die cut Kraft paper and a tissue interleaf to offer a unique eco-friendly wrapping product that is easy to recycle for customers (all they need to do is place it in the recycling bin after use).

3.    Tissue and shredded papers are a great, cost-effective idea to add a bit of colour to your packaging. They help elevate the presentation of your products and create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers while adding extra protection for your gifts in transit. 

4.    Packing papers are a perfect, eco-friendly solution to fill voids inside your packages or wrap around your products for extra transit protection. They are made from newsprint off cuts and can be recycled with other paper-based materials when placed in the standard recycling bin. 

If you would like to find out more about our eco-friendly packaging solutions, call our friendly Customer Care team on 0800 2 88 88 22, or fill out our short enquiry form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible!