Printed tape: a low-cost solution to brand your parcels

Branded packaging is a great way to promote your products, elevate the appearance of your parcels and enhance customer experience.

But investing in custom-made packaging can be costly... so, what can you do if your budget does not stretch far? Printed tape might be just what you need.

This low-cost solution is perfect for personalising your shipments without needing to redesign your packaging range. You can print it with your own design and include information such as personalised messages and your company logo… there are plenty of possibilities!   

With minimum order quantities of just 72 rolls and prices starting from as low as £1.80 per roll, it is a great place to start if you only require small amounts, want to experiment with different designs or introduce seasonal messages, e.g. for Valentines, Easter or Christmas. 

Other benefits of printed tape:

  • It is a great advertising tool, helping ensure potential customers notice your shipments as they sit around waiting for delivery or travel to their destination.
  • It can help to deter pilfering. Once removed from the box, printed tapes cannot be easily patched without noticing, which makes them a reliable tamper-evident solution.   

Visit our Custom Printed Tape page to place an order or obtain more information about different options and pricing available.

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