Voidfill & wrapping paper

ltems online needs a strong selection of packaging options to cater to the needs of their customers.

This might include bags, boxes and sealing products to get all your great products out to those that want them most.

But the last thing you want is for any product to be accidentally damaged in transit and not to reach the customer in the perfect condition.

If this does happen, then that has the potential to damage your brand reputation. In the world of online reviews and fierce competition, this isn’t something that businesses can afford to overlook.

A possible way of preventing unwanted damage is  paper void fill and wrapping paper. These help keep items from moving around within a box or bag and keep things stable and protected.

We have a host of void fill and wrapping paper available to buy in bulk at Macfarlane Online.

With packing paper packs of different sizes, as well as filla paper rolls and shredded paper in different colours, it’s easy to prevent damage and even present an item in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Macfarlane also stocks Ranpak and Padpak fanfold paper packets, as well as Geami wrappak ex mini. So it’s fair to say if you’re looking for convenient packaging solutions, our range can help.

Take advantage of our excellent range, our next day delivery offering on orders placed before 3pm, and our price match guarantee simply by registering for an account with Macfarlane Online today.

 And if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Macfarlane team.

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