How to seal a box

The simplest and fastest way to seal a cardboard box is to use a hand tape dispenser. 

A tape dispenser allows the packing tape to flow through the machine and cut the tape to the required length.

The most secure way to seal a box is the ‘H’ seal method.

The H seal method allows for all the flaps of a cardboard box to be sealed, giving extra protection.

The H seal method also shows a high level of tamper evidence as there is more tape to remove.

Below is our easy to use guide on how best to seal a cardboard box.

Step 1

Using a tape dispenser, start from the side of the cardboard box and pull the tape dispenser back and over the top of the box to seal the two flaps.

Step 2

Continue to pull the tape dispenser back across the top of the cardboard box and allow a further few inches of tape to follow down the side of the box.

Step 3

Pull the tape dispenser down so the blade will cut the tape at the required point.

Step 4

Use the tape dispenser to seal the edges of the cardboard box in the same way as the top but allow an overhang of tape.

Step 5

Fold over the overhang of tape to the side of the cardboard box.

Step 6

Repeat on the other side and seal the bottom of the box as previously done. When you have finished, your cardboard box will be sealed on all sides, displaying an H on the top and bottom of your box.

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