Packing Papers

When sending items out to customers, anything that doesn’t reach the recipient in pristine condition will cause problems.

Damage in transit will reflect badly on your brand, negatively impacting your relationship with any customers unfortunate enough to receive a damaged item. This can also lead to negative online reviews and word of mouth, so it’s something that should be avoided at all costs.

Packing papers are a great way to fill voids within a package, preventing shifting and problems occurring down the line due to damage.

Not only can they be used for voidfill, but they can also be the perfect thing to wrap around items and give them additional protection.

For example, products such as crockery, glass and homeware items can be given an extra layer of protection and safely sent, helping to protect their structural integrity and design.

At Macfarlane Packaging Online, our packing papers come in array of pack sizes, helping you to find exactly what it is you require.

They are manufactured from newsprint off cuts and are recyclable with other paper-based materials. These products form part of our excellent paper packaging range, so take the time to look through all options.

Don’t miss out on the chance to stock up on great packing material and packaging options from Macfarlane Packaging Online today. Our packing papers are one of a wide selection of paper products available, so be sure to register for an account with us and start shopping today.

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