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Buy from Macfarlane Packaging’s paper bag range to find the best solution from our online retailer 

Macfarlane Packaging offers an excellent range of paper bags that are ideal for retail purposes.   

Are Macfarlane Packaging’s paper bags sustainable? 

Our paper bags are Ideal for stores that want to provide a sustainable packaging offering to customers, our range of paper carrier bags are carefully crafted to provide a great packaging option. 

The Macfarlane packaging range is diverse, and our paper carrier bags are no different. We stock products of different colours, sizes and styles, with enough variety for retailers to select the ideal paper carrier bag for their requirements. 

All our paper carrier bags have strong handles, with many coming with a gusseted base for added strength. 

What paper bags do Macfarlane Packaging have to offer? 

  • Gusseted paper bags 
  • Paper carrier bags 
  • Counter paper bags 
  • Film Front paper bags 

In addition to the flexibility and durability of paper bags, it is very inexpensive to make compared to plastic bags. These bags are biodegradable and have a long life with careful use. Paper bags offer practical packaging opportunities for a variety of products. 

Are paper bags a good alternative? 

Paper bags are strong and durable which makes them a fantastic alternative to plastic bags. Paper bags are also recyclable and reusable which is a huge factor in deciding what type of bag to use. 

Need help with what you’re looking for? 

If you need to speak to one of our advisors about our paper bags please get in touch with us today on 0800 2 88 88 22 orcontact us via our web form