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Buy stretch wrap and pallet wrap from Macfarlane Packaging’s huge range of packaging products

If you need to wrap pallets or bundle products, Macfarlane Packaging can help! We offer an extensive range of stretch wrap products, including hand stretch wrap, pre-stretch pallet wrap, and machine applied stretch films.

Our range of stretch film and pallet wrap is available in number of different widths, lengths and core sizes. We can even provide a variety film thicknesses (microns) from medium through to super-heavy duty film.

We have both clear and black stretch wrap in stock as standard. Black pallet wrap is ideal if you need to protect your products from light or need to wrap them discreetly. Many of our stretch films come with 30% recycled content as standard too, so they do not attract the Plastic Packaging Tax.

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of stretch or pallet wrap you use you may want to think about using our stretch film review service. We can help you wrap more pallets with less stretch film and help reduce your wrapping costs. Click here to find out more.

What pallet wrap and stretch film products does Macfarlane Packaging sell?

At Macfarlane Packaging, we keep an extensive range of pallet wrap and stretch films in stock. You can buy the following prorducts online today:

  • Hand-Applied Blown Stretch – Light and Medium Duty
  • Hand-Applied Blown Stretch Wrap – Heavy and Super Heavy Duty
  • Hand-Applied Blown Pre-Stretched Film
  • Hand-Applied Cast Stretch
  • Handywrap
  • Power Pre-Cast Stretch Film
  • Black Cast Stretch Wrap
  • Machine Pre-Stretch Film
  • Stretch wrap and pallet wrap with 30% recycled content

If you can’t find the film you’re looking for in our "buy now” range, our team can source specialty and custom stretch wrap. Click here to contact us to ask about the pallet wrap or stretch film you’re looking for.

In addition to film, we can help with an extensive range of stretch wrap dispensers and automated stretch wrappers. If you’re interested in pallet wrappers or machines, ask our team for more information.

Stretch wrap being applied to a cardboard boxStretch wrap being applied to a cardboard box

Frequently Asked Questions

Stretch wrap, also referred to as stretch film or pallet wrap, is a very stretchy type of plastic material. The film is very elastic, so when it is wrapped around products, it keeps them bound together.

You can look at this two ways: how the stretch film is made and how the film is manufactured.

First, let's consider application. There are two basic ways stretch wrap can be applied:

  • By hand – this is when stretch film is manually applied by hand. This can be with our without a hand dispenser. Manual pallet wraps are often referred to as hand stretch film or handywrap. Hand film can have different core sizes, depending on the application.
  • By machine – this is when the stretch wrap is applied to a pallet or product using a pallet wrapper. A pallet wrapper is a machine that automatically winds film round a product. Machine stretch films are made for high performance.
  • You can also define stretch wrap by the way it is manufactured. The two types you will come across are blown and cast films.

    The difference between blown film and cast film is the way they’re manufactured.

    Cast stretch wrap is made when melted plastic resin is pushed horizontally through a flat die to create a sheet of film. The material is then passed over chilled rollers, which cool the film rapidly before trimming and rolling.

    Pallet wrap made from cast film is usually very clear and has good puncture resistance. Cast film is also low noise when it’s unwound from a roll.

    In contrast, blown film is made when liquid plastic resin is extruded vertically through a circular die. This makes a bubble, and the air in the bubble slowly cools the film. The blown film is then flattened and made into tubes or cut to make rolls of stretch wrap.

    Pallet wrap made from blown film isn’t as clear as cast film. However, it has excellent puncture resistance and can offer high holding power. You may be able to identify blown stretch film by the high noise it produced when unwound.

    No, shrink film and pallet wrap are not the same thing. While the phrases “shrink film” and “pallet wrap” are often used interchangeably, they are different packaging products that can be used for similar purposes – such as covering pallets.

    Pallet wrap (or stretch film) is a much more flexible product, which can be stretched around a load to keep it secure during transit.

    In contrast, shrink wrap is loose when it is first applied to a pallet, and then shrinks when heat is applied. Shrink wrap is good at keeping moisture or dust at bay, so is often used to protect products like homeware or gardening furniture.

    Stretch wrap and pallet wrap is made from LDPE, which stands for low density polyethylene. LDPE is category 4 plastic material, and it is commonly used to make product like carrier bags as well as stretch wrap.

    Pallet wrap can be recycled industrially; however, it may not be collected at kerbside. Anyone looking to recycle stretch film locally should check with their local authority. As it’s made from LDPE, you may be able to recycle it with supermarket carrier bag collections, however it’s advisable to check services like Recycle Now or the collection points in your area.

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