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Buy cardboard postal tubes from Macfarlane Packaging for easy posting and shipping

Macfarlane Packaging postal tubes are ideal for sending artwork, prints, plans or posters. All our postal tubes are supplied with white end caps, and are perfect for storing, sending, and protecting your posters, prints, certificates.

Our postage tubes are made from tough cardboard and have been designed to mail large sheets which cannot be sent out using envelopes.

  • Postal tubes are great for storing and shipping plans, prints, and posters
  • Supplied with white plastic end caps
  • The diameter of the postal tube is taken from the internal tube wall
  • Please allow 30 mm for the plastic endcap

What are cardboard postal tubes and what are they used for?

Postal tubes are cylindrical cardboard tubes used for mailing items that cannot fit in an envelope. They can be used for a variety of items, such as posters, architectural drawings, and other long items such as golf clubs.

The tube is sealed at one end and the item is inserted into the open end. The open end is then secured with a white end cap. Both ends should be sealed with adhesive tape or a postal tube band to keep the end caps in place. Once you apply your postal and delivery information, you’re ready to ship your products!

How to choose the right postal tube size

When choosing a postal tube, you need to consider the size of the item you're going to post.

Postal tubes come in a range of lengths and diameters, so it's important to pick the right one. The dimensions we provide are the internal dimensions – so bear this in mind If your item is too large for the tube, you won’t be able to secure the end caps. If the item is far too small, your goods might move during shipping, which can lead to damage via movement in the mailing tube.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the right size postal tube for your needs:

  • For small items such as papers or prints, use a 38mm diameter postal tube.
  • For medium items such as paintings or posters, use a 50mm wide postal tube.
  • For large items such as rugs, use a 76mm diameter postal tube.
  • For extra large items, you can opt for our 152mm wide postal tube.

Are there any alternatives to postal tubes?

Yes! Macfarlane Packaging can offer you a product called a postal cube!

Postal cube is an innovative alternative to traditional postal tubes that have been designed to reduce waste and improve storage space. The postal cube comes flat on a roll and can be dispensed and cut to size as required. It is square, not the usual round shape, which is more courier friendly.

This space-saving postal cube can easily be stored on packing benches, for easy use and is available in a range of different widths.

Need help with what you’re looking for? 

Macfarlane Packaging are happy to help you if you need advice about the packaging you need. If you want to speak to one of our team our postal tubes or other protective packaging, please get in touch with us today on 0800 2 88 88 22 or contact us via our web form.