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Macfarlane Packaging have a wide selection of hand applied strapping materials available to help you with all your packaging operations

Macfarlane packaging supply three types of strapping: 

Polypropylene strapping - Hand applied strapping can be wrapped on either a cardboard core or plastic reel, the type you need depends on the dispenser you use. A dispenser is advised, without it, you’ll have run away strapping snaking across the warehouse floor, a definite trip hazard! 

Steel Strapping - Steel strapping is hand-applied and has the highest tensile strength of any strapping material which means it’s widely used within the construction sector. Typically, it has a breaking strength of between 500-930kg, depending on material width. 

Polyester Strapping - Polyester Strapping has the advantages of flexibility, strength retention and cost effectiveness. Polyester Strapping contains 100% recycled content. 

What product do you need to use hand applied polypropylene and polyester strapping? 

Hand applied polypropylene and polyester strapping needs to be fitted tightly to the load to ensure stability; this is done using a tensioner tool. A metal seal should be applied to hold the strapping firmly in place, this requires a tool to squeeze it closed and secure the strapping. When the seal has been applied, the strapping can be cut using the tensioner tool. 

A friction welder removes the need to apply the seal as it fuses the strapping together using heat, it automatically applies tension before it seals. These are much faster than using manual tools and fantastic for ensuring tension consistency.

Corded polyester strapping follows a similar process but as it has a textured finish a buckle is used instead of a seal.  The strapping is first fed through the buckle then tightened using a tensioner tool. 

Steel strapping is secured using snap-on or overlap seals. Specialist steel strapping safety cutters and tensioner tools are required or, you could use a steel combination tool to complete both actions. 

What other strapping products do we offer: 

  • Steel strapping tensioner tools
  • Strapping dispenser stand
  • Strapping dispenser trolley
  • Standard tensioner tools

Can’t decide which type of packaging is best for you? 

Macfarlane packaging are happy to help meet your packaging needs with our wide range of strapping available. If you need to speak to one of our advisors about our hand applied strapping, please get in touch with us today on 0800 2 88 88 22 or contact us via our web form