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Add a Tissue Paper Flourish to your Packaging

Boxes printed and personalised, everything’s ready to start shipping products to customers. But something is missing… Tissue paper! Tissue papers can be a great addition to a standard box, not only providing products with that extra layer of protection for shipment, but also make the recipients opening experience that bit more exciting.

Tissue paper is a classic packaging and gift wrapping solution and has been used by online retailers and giftware stores for many years. Whatever your business size or type, the use of tissue paper offers an affordable, additional flourish to add that feel good factor to your brand and products.

Great for brand awareness

By choosing tissue papers that reflect your brand style, you can make your deliveries feel personalised to help create extra awareness and branding for your business. We have a wide colour spectrum to choose from, so finding a colour that matches your business is easy. Take your pick from:

Whites and creams
Blacks and browns
Reds and pinks
Oranges and yellows
Blues and greens
Get creative with tissue papers and take advantage of seasonal events. Choose colours that match certain holidays including red for Christmas, pink for Valentine’s Day and orange for Halloween! Consumers will appreciate the attention to detail and acknowledgement of special days.

Gift wrapping essential

Tissue paper can be used in a variety of applications, often including the wrapping of flowers and gift wrapping. If you’re the owner of a giftware store and boutiques, tissue paper is a must have essential behind the checkout. It can also be used to package finer items including jewellery, as well as keep shoes protected from scuffs and scrapes during transit and whilst in the box.

Tissue papers are a versatile and useful investment for both online and retail stores. Check out Macfarlane Packaging Online’s range in our tissue paper category and go the extra mile for your customers with this attractive and effective packaging accessory.

Macfarlane tissue paper comes in a range of finishes

Acid-free tissue paper is suitable for jewellery and silverware, as the items will not tarnish when wrapped.

Bleed-resistant tissue paper is the perfect choice for garment wrapping, as the paper will not run off or stain if it comes into contact with moisture.

Machine glazed (MG) tissue paper has a shiny appearance on one side, remaining matt on the reverse to provide contrast in wrapping. Not suitable for use with jewellery, silverware or fabrics unless acid free.

Machine finished (MF) tissue paper has a matt finish on both sides.

For any questions or queries you may have on our range of tissue papers, contact us today by calling 0800 2 88 88 22 or by getting in touch with our team