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Single wall cardboard boxes

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Need single wall cardboard boxes? Choose from Macfarlane Packaging’s extensive range  

Macfarlane Packaging have a vast selection of single wall cardboard boxes available to help meet your packaging needs. Our single wall cardboard boxescome in a range of different sizes  

Our single wall cardboard is made from natural and renewable sources. Single wall boxes are made up of one layer of fluted board, which is sandwiched between two sheets of liner board. This is what makes a single wall corrugated cardboard box. 


Why use a single wall cardboard box? 

Single wall cardboard boxes provide resilient protection for your packaged products. The boxes use outer and inner liners which are reinforced by specially designed fluting for added strength making the boxes more durable and giving them extra security in transit. 

Our single wall boxes are manufactured from a durable and robust single layer of corrugated cardboard, these single wall boxes are able to send a whole host of products with a load capacity of up to 10kg. 

Our single wall cardboard is available in over 40 sizes to meet every demand. Dimensions – measured internally for optimum fit – are shown in millimetres: as length x width x height. 


Three uses of single wall cardboard boxes 

  • To move office or move house 
  • To keep items in storage 
  • To use for deliveries or shipping 


Can single wall cardboard boxes be recycled? 

Yes, all corrugated cardboard boxes can be recycled. We recommend that any plastic tape or packing materials are removed from y our single wall boxes before putting them in the recycling bin.