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Designed and fully stocked for your convenience - accelerate the packing process and reduce costs

Having everything you need at hand makes packing so much easier, doesn't it? That's what the Macfarlane Online Packaging Packing Room is there for. It's a place to go for absolutely everything you need when it comes to grabbing packing accessories and essentials. No more traipsing the high street or trawling the Internet having to source all the bits and bobs. No more needing to place separate orders with numerous suppliers. Look forward to visiting our Packing Room whenever you need to, and we'll get you fully stocked up, at a competitive price.

Whether you're a small business handling low-volume shipping each month, or a larger enterprise with a dedicated mail room where heavy-duty high-volume shipping is the norm, we're here for you.

Place an order today for cost-effective packaging materials that can be:

  • Packing essentials — You'll have a certain number of key packing items that your company always uses. Stock up on these, with the option of adding any other accessories you require, as needs be. As long as you've got the essentials, your packing and shipping operation should always run smooth, with no interruptions or irritating delays through waiting for vital packing items to arrive.

  • Packing dispensers — Take the toil out of packing, by making your materials immediately accessible, easy to handle and cut to the right lengths. It's about having everything at hand, taking as much work as possible out of the packing process, while at the same time still producing a professional finish (the finish that’s actually the first thing your customers see upon receipt of their goods from you).

  • Packing equipment (large and small) — Get the right tool/machinery for the job, and that means the proper packing of multiple small items, or packing materials for BIG items that are high value: where no shortcuts can be taken when it comes to making sure the packaging aspect of their shipping journey is 100% correctly handled.
A cardboard box being opened using a retractable packing knifeA cardboard box being opened using a retractable packing knife
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