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Choose from Macfarlane Packaging's extensive range of polythene bags

Polythene bags are a terrific lightweight option that can cut out the need for additional packaging. The bags are great for businesses looking to save money on packaging costs. 

Polythene bags come in various densities and thicknesses and are commonly known to offer improved durability and less permeability than paper packaging. This is great for retailers who need to ensure their products are wrapped in packaging that is water resistant, making it suitable for posting perishable items. The fact they are lighter in weight than paper bags and can be stored efficiently offers businesses further benefits. 


A wide range of strength and size polythene bags for you to discover 

Our polythene bags come in a selection of sizes which is classified in strengths. Choose from: 

  • Light duty polythene bags – approximately 100 Gauge (25 microns) suitable for lots of uses including shipping clothing, perishable food items, plush toys, stationery items, and much more. Our Polythene bags start from 200 x 250mm up to 750 x 900mm and pack quantities from 100 up to 1000, don’t forget to buy in bulk and save! 
  • Medium duty polythene bags – approximately 200 Gauge (50 microns). The heavier gauge weighting offers extra protection and resistance from damage. Great for a wide range of retailer applications across heavier items of fashion, food, toys, stationery, pharmaceuticals, and plenty more. Macfarlane’s medium-duty range starts from 100 x 150mm up to 900 x 1200. 
  • Heavy duty polythene bags – approximately 400 Gauge (100 microns) For when you need the strongest of support for packaging weights or sharper products, suitable for the tool sector for instance, or when shipping multiple items. Our heavy-duty 400 gauge polythene bags range starts at 150 x 200mm up to 600 x 900mm and we offer a range of pack quantities to enable our customers to buy in large quantities and save. 

Macfarlane’s polythene bags are non-toxic and suitable for use with food, and bag dimensions are displayed in the width of the opening, length, and depth of the bag. 

Our polythene bags also have an array of attributes which you can choose to meet your packaging needs.

  • Plain
  • Printed
  • Punched with air holes
  • Gusseted
  • Perforated on the reel
  • Clear / coloured 
  • Translucent / opaque 

Whether you’re looking to pack lighter and smaller items, or you need carrier bags with a little more resistance against breaking for those heavier and larger items, our polythene bags provide an excellent solution for a huge range of uses. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 

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