Packing Advice

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Macfarlane Packaging Online’s team have created a helpful packaging tips list for your consideration to ensure your products are well-protected in transit and storage and arrive to their destination safe and secure.

Packaging tips

  • DO NOT make your box so heavy that it cannot be lifted
  • DO NOT use a worn or damaged box
  • Be sure to choose the right size box for your items
  • Fragile items should be placed in the centre of your box ensuring they don’t touch the sides
  • Use FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE table/labels if necessary
  • Leave adequate space for cushioning
  • Wrap each item separately in protective materials to maximise their protection
  • Use parcel tape to seal the bottom and top of your box
  • Always place the heaviest/bulkiest items at the bottom of your box
  • Ensure the recipients’ details including contact name, address and postcode are clearly visible

For more specific and in-depth packaging tips, please read our detailed packaging guides below

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Packaging plays such an important role in the shopper’s experience with your business. It sets the tone for the products they have purchased and can make a great impression for your brand. Rely on our packaging expertise, we are here to help. 

Looking for detailed packing advice? Speak to one of our packaging specialist online, by email or over the phone in business hours.