The packing tape core refers to the inner cardboard or plastic roll which the tape is wound.

Always check the core size of your selected packing tape matches the tape dispenser you choose.

Different Types of Adhesives Used For Packing Tapes

  • Natural Rubber Adhesives – A blend of natural rubber, hydrocarbon and natural resins, with different additives, dissolved in organic solvents.
  • Holt Melt Adhesives – A mixture of synthetic rubbers, hydrocarbon and natural resins with varying additives.
  • Water Based Adhesives – Made using a polymeric base, typically acrylics, in water, and mixed with additives.
  • Acrylic Based Adhesives – Made from acrylic polymers with various solvents dissolved.

The additives used in common packing tapes are primarily pigments, stablisers and inerts.