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Looking where to buy printer paper? Macfarlane Packaging sells copier paper for your business’ office supplies. 

What is printer paper? 

Printing paper is a solution commonly made from wood pulp to create an efficient printing surface. There are different types and sizes of printing paper which serve different purposes from printing to copying.  

What is printer paper used for? 

Printer paper is a business essential. Manufactured with a great printing surface, Macfarlane Packaging’s printer paper allows for efficient printing of documents. The printing ink is able to accurately set on the paper without spilling or smudging. 

With Macfarlane Packaging’s printer paper, your business can achieve clean, professional printing, reflecting highly on your brand. 

Can printer paper be recycled? 

The printing paper is a perfect sustainable solution for your business as the paper can be recycled after being used. The ink on the paper is removed and the paper can even be bleached. This way, the paper you recycled can be reversed back to a white sheet and start the journey again. 

As paper is a natural renewable resource, printing paper also offers an environmentally friendly option for your business. 

What type of printer paper does Macfarlane Packaging supply? 

Macfarlane Packaging offer the standardised printer paper used in businesses and offices, A4 80 gsm copier paper. Be sure to stock up to keep your business prepared for all that our printer paper can offer. 

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