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Magnetic Gift Boxes & Wholesale Gift Boxes

Shop wholesale gift boxes and magnetic gift boxes from Macfarlane Packaging to present your goods perfectly

Our premium magnetic gift boxes are here to help make your products look great. Made with recycled content materials, our wholesale gift boxes feature a snap shut magnetic closure. You can use them to present a wide range of items, including jewellery, food gifts, fashion items, blankets, and more.

Available in a wide selection of sizes, our range of wholesale gift boxes includes black gift boxes and white gift boxes. You can also choose from matte or uncoated finishes, so your gift packaging truly reflects your products.

Frequently asked questions about magnetic gift boxes

Are magnetic boxes recyclable?

Yes, you can recycle our magnetic gift boxes. Recycle these gift boxes at kerbside once you have removed the magnets. This helps ensure that the waste processing facilities can recycle the paper material, without the magnets spoiling the process.

Are magnetic boxes eco-friendly?

Our gift boxes are made from cardboard. Cardboard is a sustainable and renewable material. So, it is considered eco-friendly. Our range of magnetic gift boxes also contains up to 70% recycled content and you can recycle them once you remove the magnets.

Therefore, these gift boxes are a great eco-friendly packaging choice. If you are looking for a luxury way to present your products our magnetic gift boxes could be the right choice for you!

Help choosing the gift boxes you need

Unsure what you need? Our friendly team can help you choose the magnetic gift boxes you need. Alternatively, if you want custom wholesale gift boxes, our team can help with this too. Call 0800 288 8822 or complete our enquiry form.