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Check out our range of shrink wrap to help protect your products in both storage and transit 

Macfarlane Packaging’s shrink wrap seals around a wide variety of no matter the size. By applying a heat gun to the film, the material appears to shrink to fit the form of the contents. When packaging smaller objects, a heat sealer can then be used to securely close the opening.  

An essential packaging solution, shrink wrap comes with a variety of uses to ensure your goods arrive in pristine condition.  

Macfarlane Packaging believe the top 3 benefits of shrink wrap are: 

  • Super durable – by shrink wrapping your goods ready for shipment, you’ll have an extra layer of durability to keep your items protected in transit. This product is resilient against bumps and scrapes that happen during transport.
  • Highly protective – due to products having different sizes, shrink wrap can provide an alternative form of protection for those hard to package items. Thanks to the nature of shrink wrap, you can effectively package and protect any item.
  • Cost effective – finding effective packaging solutions can sometimes be a costly process, especially for those intricately shaped packages. However, shrink wrap is an affordable packaging option. Since it sucks in so tightly, it can also help to save space meaning more products can be transported at one time. 

A wrapping solution for all industries 

Whilst shrink wrap can be a great choice for a variety of businesses, there are certain industries that can particularly benefit from its features. Food and drink companies favour shrink wrap to ensure their products are kept from contamination. This is due to the air-tight sealing. It can also help to keep food products fresher for longer, keeping consumers happy and helping food businesses maintain a positive brand image based on high quality goods. 

Pharmaceuticals opt for shrink wrap packaging as it’s easy to tell if anything has been tampered with. In fact, shrink wrap can be used to tighten the lids of a container so it can’t be loosened, removed, or replaced. 

Let Macfarlane Packaging help you with your packaging problems 

As one of the most recognised packaging solutions providers, Macfarlane Packaging is passionate about our customers and our packaging. If you need to speak to one of our advisors about our range of shrink wrap, Please get in touch with us today on 0800 2 88 88 22 or contact us via our web form.