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Looking where to buy kraft paper? Macfarlane Packaging supply a wide selection of kraft papers, from waxed kraft paper to ribbed kraft paper, so your business can meet your packaging needs. 

What is kraft paper? 

Kraft paper is a strong type of paper, formed from wood pulp, with the primary purpose to efficiently protect products in storage or transit. 

What is kraft paper used for? 

Packing papers are the perfect way to fill out packages or parcels. They prevent movement, help keep contents safe and secure, and stop unwanted damage from occurring. Packaging papers can also be used to wrap items for an extra layer of protection and security when placing things in transit. 

Macfarlane Packaging’s kraft papers are manufactured from pure wood pulp. This provides them with the strength and design required to support medium and heavy-duty applications.  

Macfarlane Packaging’s kraft paper range includes waxed kraft paper rolls and ribbed kraft paper rolls in a range of dimensions. Our waxed kraft paper rolls are suitable as a primary wrap for products that might be greasy or oily natured while our ribbed kraft paper rolls offer a strong wrapping paper with a glazed finish.  

How is kraft paper made? 

Kraft paper is made by manufacturing wood into wood pulp, a by-product of wood.  A chemical process is used to separate cellulose and lignin in the wood, leaving behind wood pulp. The wood pulp is then used to make kraft paper among other paper products. 

Can kraft paper be recycled? 

Kraft paper is an environmentally friendly option for your business as it’s not only recyclable but also is made from a natural renewable resource. 

What types of kraft paper does Macfarlane Packaging supply? 

Macfarlane Packaging supply a range of different kraft papers in dimensions that are sure to cater for your business: 

  • Kraft paper rolls (70 gsm) - kpr1
  • Kraft paper rolls (70 gsm) - kpr2
  • Kraft paper rolls (70 gsm) - kpr3
  • Kraft paper rolls (88 gsm) - kpr 4
  • Kraft paper rolls (88 gsm) - kpr5
  • Kraft paper rolls (88 gsm) - kpr6
  • Waxed kraft paper rolls (55 gsm)
  • Ribbed imitation kraft paper rolls (88 gsm) - ipr1
  • Ribbed imitation kraft paper rolls (88 gsm) - ipr2 
  • Ribbed imitation kraft paper rolls (88 gsm) - ipr3
  • Ribbed imitation kraft paper rolls (88 gsm) - ipr4 

If you have any further questions concerning our kraft paper range or paper packaging range, be sure to contact our friendly team today.