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Need a padded envelope? Choose from Macfarlane Packaging’s extensive range   

Padded envelopes are one of the most popular types of postal packaging solutions available today! Padded envelopes are an ideal solution for posting anything that needs lightweight protection. Macfarlane Packaging’s padded envelopes contain a self-seal strip for closure, making them easy to use.   

Our range of padded envelopes are available in a wide range of sizes, and we have two kinds available – Mail Lite Padded Pags and Enviroflute padded envelopes.   

The Mail Lite padded envelopes we sell contain 100% recycled content and are made entirely from paper, so can be recycled. We also have Enviroflute, which is a 100% recyclable alternative to bubble mailers. Enviroflute padded envelopes are also made form FSC certified paper sources AND have a water-resistant coating.   

Are padded mailers environmentally friendly?  

All our padded mailers are eco-friendly. They make a great choice if you’re looking for a sustainable postal packaging product.   

Both kinds of protective envelopes we offer are recyclable at kerbside, which makes recycling for the end customer simple and easy.   

The Mal Lite padded mailers Macfarlane Packaging supply are made up of 100% recycled paper too.   

What selection of goods can you use to send out using padded mailers?  

Padded envelopes are ideal for posting items that need cushioning in the post such as:  

  • tools and components  
  • CDs, DVDs, or books  
  • costume jewellery  
  • fashion accessories  

The tear strip feature in our padded envelopes make it very convenient and simple for the envelopes to be opened. Smooth inner lining allows easy product insertion, and a re-scored flap makes closure more efficient. In addition to this with the envelopes contain a peel and seal closure.  

At Macfarlane Packaging we have padded mailers available in an array of different sizes. These envelopes will help keep your items protected in the post.  

Need help with what you’re looking for?   

If you need to speak to one of our advisors about our postal packaging please get in touch with us today on 0800 2 88 88 22 or contact us via our web form