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Explore Macfarlane Packaging's extensive range of corrugated papers

The demand for environmentally friendly packaging is on the rise, making paper packaging a favoured solution amongst retailers and consumers. If you’re looking for eco-friendly paper packaging, why not consider corrugated papers from Macfarlane Packaging?

In our corrugated paper range you can find:

  • Single wall corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Double wall corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Corrugated paper rolls in a variety of sizes

What is a corrugated paper?

Corrugated paper is a layer of fluted paper, which is paper with added waves and ridges. Corrugating the material strengthens the paper and improves the ability to absorb impact during transit.

You’ll find corrugated paper in both our corrugated paper rolls and our corrugated cardboard sheets.

Mafarlane Packaging’s corrugated paper rolls feature a long sheet of corrugated paper wound onto a roll. This single face corrugated paper can be used as protective packaging to keep your goods safe during supping. Our corrugated paper rolls are made from quality 90gsm paper and have a C flute (which is the wave in the paper).

Our cardboard sheets feature a layer of corrugated board sandwiched between two flat layers of paper to make a sheet of corrugated cardboard. These can be used as layer pads in cardboard boxes or on pallets, to separate different layers of product.

What size corrugated paper rolls does Macfarlane Packaging offer?

Macfarlane Packaging offers affordable corrugated paper rolls in a variety of sizes to meet your business’ needs:

  • 1200 mm x 75 m
  • 600 mm x 75 m
  • 350 mm x 75 m
  • 900 mm x 75 m
  • 1000 mm x 75 m

What size corrugated cardboard sheets does Macfarlane Packaging sell?

We sell layer pads in three different sizes, including:

  • 1000mm x 1100mm
  • 300mm x 400mm
  • 850mm x 1000mm

What can corrugated paper rolls used for?

Lightweight and clean corrugated paper offers online retailers and businesses who are shipping goods a versatile and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Corrugated paper can be used to wrap and protect a range of different goods, including:

  • Ceramics
  • Components
  • Pictures and frames
  • Homeware and tableware

The fluting of corrugated paper can help absorb impact in transit, helping to reduce damage as it will effectively cushion your products. It can also be used as void fill, to stop product moving around inside a box! This lightweight paper can also offer protection against scratching and marring.

What can corrugate cardboard sheets be used for?

Cardboard sheets can be used as layer pads to provide stability and protection between different layers of products in cardboard boxes and on pallets. You can cut our layer pads to size, to fit the pack you’re shipping.

Can corrugated paper be recycled?

Yes! All the packaging products in our corrugated paper category can be recycled. End-users can put corrugated paper into household waste collections, if they remove any plastic packing tape that might have been applied to it.

Corrugated paper is a great eco-friendly packaging choice as it’s made from renewable materials. Both our cardboard sheets and corrugated paper rolls are manufactured from 100% recycled content – making them extra environmentally-friendly.

Need help with your paper packaging?

Still unsure what paper packaging your business needs? Get in touch with our friendly team today on 0800 2 88 88 22 or by completing our contact form to learn more about our paper packaging. Our team can also provide advice about any of the packaging products we offer, including cardboard sheets and corrugated rolls!