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Buy paper packaging & cushioning from Macfarlane Packaging’s protective packaging range to safely ship your products

Macfarlane Packaging understand that using paper packaging is a great way to protect your products during storage and transit.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we have a select range of paper cushioning available in our protective packaging category. This includes RanPak FillPak and Geami WrapPak that are both great eco-friendly packaging materials that provide a high level of protection.

Choose from:

  • Ranpak Fanfold TT & M Kraft paper
  • Ranpak Fanfold FillPak paper
  • RanPak PadPak paper 
  • Geami WrapPak Ex Mini
  • Packing paper 
  • Filla paper 
  • Shredded paper 

Our fanfold paper packaging works with Ranpak FillPak converters and creates and efficient and effective void fill material. It eliminates the need for time-intensive crumpling in your packing area. The packing paper and filla paper Macfarlane Packaging sell are also great void fill options! 

For heavy duty protecton, PadPak paper can be used with converter machines to make shock absorbing cushioning. Contact us to ask for more information about the converters! 

If you want an easy retail ready paper packaging option, choose Geami WrapPak E Mini. This eye-catching paper packaging features an expanding honeycomb paper lined with tissue. It’s all pre-loaded into a handy cardboard dispenser, that can be recycled when you’re done with the material! Another way to add protection and attractive in box presentation is our shredded paper. 


What is paper packaging?

Paper packaging is a versatile and popular packaging option for many products. It is made from paper materials, which make it strong and durable enough to protect your product during transit.

As paper is made from a renewable resource, it’s also considered to be environmentally friendly.


What kinds of paper packaging and cushioning does Macfarlane Packaging supply?

There are several protective paper packaging / paper cushioning options we supply on our online shop:

  • Ranpak Fanfold TT & M Kraft paper
    Ranpak Fanfold FillPak paper
    RanPak PadPak paper 
    Geami WrapPak Ex Mini
    Packing paper 
    Filla paper 
    Shredded paper 

These paper packagng products provide excellent protection in transit and can be used to ensure your product gets to their destination in one piece.

Macfarlane Packaging also supplies a wide range of other paper products, click here to learn more.


What sort of paper cushioning do I need?

Not sure which of the paper cushioning options we offer is for you? Check out our short paper cushioning guide:


Type of paper cushioning 

Recycled content Applications
Geami WrapPak 0% Geami WrapPak is a unique paper cushioning made from expanding honeycomb paper lined with tissue. It can provide excellent protection as well as presentation for a wide range of good such as ceramics, food products, accessories and more. 
Ranpak Fillpak paper  up to 100% Fillpak paper cushioning is an effective, economic, and eco-friendly void fill solution. Use it to fill spare space in boxes to make sure products are cushobing and do not move during transit. 
Ranpak PadPak paper  0% PadPak paper provides great cushioning when combined with the right dispenser.  
Packing paper From 0% to 66% depending on the product. Packing papers are the perfect way to fill out packages or parcels. They prevent movement, help keep contents safe and secure, and stop unwanted damage from occurring. 
Filla paper  60% An economical paper packaging option that can be scrunched up for void fill. Available on rolls and can be mounted on walls with a dispenser for easy handing.  . 
Shredded paper 

0% Fine-cut shredded paper is ideal for creating attractive presentation for use in gift, retail, and presentational wrapping. 


If you visit our main paper packaging category, you can see the other paper product we offer, such as corrugated paper rolls and much more. Click here to browse the range.


Can paper packaging and cushioning be recycled?

Yes, you can recycle paper-based packaging products. Paper and cardboard are widely accepted in kerbside recycling collections.

Make sure you remove tape or any plastic packaging before putting your paper packaging in the recycling bin. You should always confirm the recycling rules in your area by checking with the relevant local authority.


Can’t decide which type of packaging is best for you?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with the Macfarlane Packaging team. Our friendly advisors will be happy to help you find the paper packaging you need to get the job done.


To speak to one of the Mafarlane team about your protective packaging needs call 0800 2 88 88 22 or contact us via our web form.