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Packing Tape


Choose packing tape from Macfarlane Packaging’s huge range to seal and secure your products


Buy packing tape from Macfarlane Packaging. We can supply you with tapes for packing, sealing and marking!

Our packing tape products include value and premium packing tape made from polypropylene and PVC, as well as self-adhesive paper tape and gummed paper tape.

We can also offer coloured packing tapes and printed tapes. Our printed packing tapes include “fragile” tape and there’s floor marketing tape and masking tape available too.

All our tapes are available in a variety of widths and roll lengths, as well as different adhesive types, such as acrylic, hotmelt and solvent. We can provide dispensing equipment too, making application a breeze.

Macfarlane Packaging can also offer custom printed tape. Branded packing tape is a simple, low-cost way to customise your packaging and there’s a low minimum order quantity. Click here to learn more.


What kinds of packing tape can Macfarlane Packaging supply?

We have a wide range of packing tapes available to help you with your sealing needs. Our taping product includes:

  • Polypropylene tape
  • Premium PVC Vinyl tape
  • Paper tape
  • Coloured tape
  • Printed warning tape
  • Reinforced tape and filament tape
  • Tamper evident tape
  • Machine applied tape
  • Cloth tape
  • Tape dispensers

We can also help you with custom printed tape and tape automation, which can feature your branding or a message of your choosing. Contact our team for more information.


Which packing tape is best?

The type of tape that’s best for your operation will depend on lots of different factors. You will need to consider:

  • The material you’re applying the tape to
  • The weight of the product you’re sealing
  • The environment your parcels might travel through or be stored in (e.g., cold temperatures, warm temperatures, handling etc).
  • If your product is fragile or breakable (your tape might need print to this effect)

Taking these factors into consideration, you should then also think about the type of material your tape is made from and the type of adhesive you want to use. Here’s a brief guide to help you:


Common Packing Tape Materials 

Material Polypropelyne  PVC Paper
Reccomended Uses Polypropylene tape is a good all round packaging tape. It can be used for cold (above 0°C) storage. Can be printed or coloured Stronger and more durable than polypropylene tape, PVC packing tape is suitable for heavier duty applications. Can be printed or coloured Eco-friendly and recyclable with tamper evident properties, paper tape can offer waste and process efficiencies which save money. Available as self-adhesive tape or water active gummed paper tape
Application Method By hand or machine  By hand or machine By hand or machine


Common Packing Tape Adhesives

Material Acrylic (water based)  Hot melt Solvent
Adhesion Good in a wide range of 0°C + temperatures High initial tack and superior adhesion to corrugated materials Excellent in a wide range of temperatures, including sub-zero
Temperature Range 0°C to 65.5°C 4°C to 48°C -4°C to 65°C
Recommended Uses Resistant to discolouring and aging, acrylic adhesive bonds will strengthen over time, so are suited to long term storage applications. Will not perform as effectively in sub-zero temperatures. Suited to high speed lines due to high initial tack. Good for heavier duty applications in ambient temperatures. Has a more limited temperature range, which will restrict atmospheres it can be used in. Very long lasting, aggressive adhesion so can be ideal for export and/or humid or damp environments. A good option for using with recycled cardboard, which can be harder to seal. This packing tape adhesive can discolor over time.
Application Method By hand   By hand or machine By hand or machine


Can packing tape be recycled?

Whether or not your tape can be recycled will depend on the type of packing tape you’re using.

If you use plastic-based packing tape, then it cannot be recycled in traditional waste streams. It’s advisable for people to remove plastic packing tape from boxes before they are recycled at kerbside.

However, if you’re using self-adhesive paper tape or gummed paper tape, it can be recycled in kerbside recycling streams like cardboard and does not need to be removed.

We always recommend checking locally if a product can be recycled or visiting a service like RecycleNow. You can also check out our “how to recycle your packaging” guide by clicking here.