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Buy bubble envelopes from Macfarlane Packaging’s postal range to find the best mailing solution for your business  

Shipping your products via post or courier can often be a challenge! Finding the right size postal packaging that provides enough protection is important. Here at Macfarlane Packaging, we believe one of the the best postal packing solutions is bubble envelopes. 

They’re available in a wide range of sizes to fit different postal applications. So, they are a great flexible postal option that can work for small and large parcels. Bubble envelopes also provide a layer of light protection, to cushion your products during transit.  

Macfarlane Packaging have a selection of quality bubble envelopes, which provide a safe and secure way to send items that need lightweight protection. By using bubble envelopes, your products will be kept safe by the inner bubble lining, while the strong paper outer guards against rain or other hazards of shipping. All our bubble mailers are MailLite® branded, so you can rest assured you're choosing a quality postal packaging option, which are a great alternative to Jiffy envelopes.  

Our range of bubble envelopes are available in a range of colours including white and gold bubble mailers, as well as an extra-tough version. Our extra strength bubble envelopes have thicker paper, for added protection. All our bubble mailers feature a strong peel and stick closure, for easy dispatch.  

What can I send out using bubble envelopes?  

There are a variety of products that you can use to send your goods out with using bubble envelopes. Our bubble envelopes provide good, lightweight protection that is suitable for a range of flat and low-profile products that need to be sent via post.  

An example of products which will fit Macfarlane Packaging’s range of bubble lined envelopes includes:  

  • Video Games  
  • Magazines  
  • CDs  
  • Calendars  
  • Clothing  

Do we provide environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional bubble lined envelopes?  

Yes, Macfarlane Packaging have an alternative postal envelope called an Enviroflute.  

Enviroflute is a recyclable, biodegradable and waterproof padded mailing bag. The envelope is made from FSC paper and offers the same level of protection compared to traditional padded envelopes. This is done by using a patented internal design. Enviroflute is a great sustainable alternative as the lightweight sleek design can save you on postage, storage and transport costs.  

Macfarlane Packaging also offer padded mailers that are lined with paper as fantastic bubble mailers alternative.  

Do you need help finding the postal packaging you're looking for? 

Macfarlane Packaging have a wide selection of postal packaging available to help meet your packaging needs. Get in touch with us today on 0800 2 88 88 22 or contact us via our web form. Our team can help you with advice about bubble mailers or any sort of postal packaging you need.