As packaging is a vital commodity for many businesses, it is crucial we consider ways to minimise the impact that packaging can have on our environment WITHOUT compromising on the level of protection.


Macfarlane Packaging Online are committed to working as closely with our manufactures and suppliers as possible, to ensure we offer as many environmentally friendly packaging material solutions as we can.

Macfarlane Packaging Online uses - the three Rs of packaging principles:

  • Reduce – Macfarlane and our suppliers are constantly striving to improve our techniques and technologies to offer you more efficient products.
  • Reuse – many packaging products are designed to be utilised many times before reaching the end of their usable life. Although reusing products time and time again is prolonging their life (which is often a good thing), it is not always the most practical or environmentally friendly option. Recycling may in some cases be the best solution.
  • Recycle (or Compost) – if a product cannot be reused, it should be recycled. This can save energy, reduce landfill and cut the cost of waste disposal.

ISO 14001

Macfarlane Packaging Online is responsible packaging supplier that operates in accordance with the ISO14001 Certificate We are committed to achieving ISO 14001 registration at all sites. ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard and outlines the necessities for establishing, implementing and operating an environmental management system and the supporting audit programme.