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Shop chilled packaging solutions from Macfarlane Packaging

Chilled packaging, also called temperature controlled packaging or thermal packaging, is a type of specialist packaging used to preserve the temperature of your packaging during shipping.

This type of packaging is often used to ship products like food, including fresh and frozen meals, as well as meal kits. Other applications include using it to post chilled or frozen pet food. In addition, chilled packaging is often used for shipping pharmaceuticals and medicines too.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we have an extensive range of temperature controlled packaging products – including chilled packaging solutions available to buy online.

What kinds of chilled packaging does Macfarlane Packaging sell online?

Macfarlane Packaging has an extensive range of chilled packaging and temperature controlled packaging. The following products are available to buy online:

  • RecycoolMe – a 100% kerbside recyclable chilled packaging shipping kit, which is comprised of a double wall box and TempGuard™ insulating liner.
  • CooliMate® – an insulated thermal packaging shipping kit that includes a sturdy double wall boxes and metallised thermal liner.
  • Coolants – we sell our popular gel pack coolants online, they’re made from highly purified water and are perfect for maintaining low in-pack temperatures.

In addition to these products, we can also help with insulated bubble envelopes, bulk temperature controlled packaging solutions and a wider range of coolants. If you can’t find what you need online, contact us today.

A chilled packaging box with a thermal liner keeping fresh produce at a chilled temperatureA chilled packaging box with a thermal liner keeping fresh produce at a chilled temperature

Frequently Asked Questions

The thermal packaging solution you need will depend on the product you’re shipping (e.g. perishability, weight, fragility, size), the temperature that needs to be maintained in the pack (ambient, chilled, frozen) and the shipping journey (e.g. how will you be shipping the product – by air or by courier networks etc).

You should also consider if there are any legal requirements for the particular product you’re shipping, such as food or pharmaceuticals. This may differ, depending on where you’re shipping to and from, especially if you’re shipping internationally.

This will depend on the chilled packaging product you’ve selected.

Outer cardboard boxes included with our temperature controlled packaging shipping kits can all be recycled, as can the TempGuard™ paper liners supplied with our RecycoolMe packs.

All Macfarlane Packaging thermal packaging products are labelled clearly with an Environmental Impact Rating which shows the type of material the packaging is made from, the percentage of recycled content and if you can recycle it.

To learn more about this specialist type of packaging, why not download our free temperature controlled packaging guide? Learn about:

  • Types of chilled packaging
  • Our full product range
  • How to pack temperature controlled packaging correctly
  • How we’ve helped customers with type of packaging
  • Click here to download.

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