CooliMate® Chilled Packaging Shipping Kit - 480 mm x 480 mm x 300 mm

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  • Dimensions: 480 mm x 480 mm x 300 mm
  • Pack: 20
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CooliMate® Chilled Packaging Shipping Kit - 480x 480 x 300mm Product Description

About the CooliMate® Temperature Controlled Packaging Shopping Kit - 480x 480 x 300mm.

Chilled packaging, sometimes called temperature controlled packaging or thermal packaging, is a type of packaging used for shipping temperature sensitive products like food or pharmaceuticals.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we stock a range of chilled packaging solutions, including our CooliMate® shipping packs. Our CooliMate® products combine an outer double wall cardboard for shipping and a metallised bubble liner, which provides thermal insulation to the products packed inside. This CooliMate® Chilled Packaging Shipping Kit is 480x 480 x 300mm and is sold in packs of 20 kits. This our largest CooliMate® shipping kit - so it's great for larger items that need temperature controlled shipping. If you're shipping anything bigger than this, ask us about our bulk chilled packaging solutions.

When used with coolant, our CooliMate® shippers can keep your products below -5°C or between 2°C to 8°C for up to 48 hours. So, this CooliMate® shipping kit makes a great thermal packaging solution! Remember, coolant is not included with this product and must be purchased separately.

All double wall cardboard boxes included in this temperature controlled packaging solution can be recycled and are made from up to 100% recycled content. When packing our CooliMate® shipping boxes, we recommend using packing tape to assemble and then seal the box. 

Frequently asked questions about our 480x 480 x 300mm chilled packaging kit: 

  • What size is this chilled packaging solution? This CooliMate® thermal packaging shipping kit is 480x 480 x 300mm. Dimensions stated are the internal (usable) dimensions of the box.

  • How many chilled packaging kits do I get? Our CooliMate® chilled packaging shipping kits are sold in packs of 20. This means you get 20 double wall shipping boxes and 20 matching metallised bubble liners to insulate them.

  • Is coolant included in this temperature controlled packaging shipping kit? No, coolant is sold separately. We recommend using a coolant if you need to keep products at an ambient or chilled temperature during shipping. You can see the coolants we sell online here.

  • Can this thermal packaging be recycled? The cardboard box included in our 480x 480 x 300mm CooliMate® chilled packaging kit is 100% kerbside recyclable. The metallised bubble liner cannot be recycled at this time. 

What is the Environmental Impact Rating of this 480x 480 x 300mm temperature controlled packaging kit? 

Recyclable? Recycle
Recycling code: 20 (PAP)
Recycled content? 75%

Recyclable? Do not recycle
Recycling code: 7 (Other)
Recycled content? 0%


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