How to use Instapak foam bags

Instapak Quick foam-in-bag packaging is perfect for small to mid-sized companies looking for the superior cushioning properties of Instapak foam without a large up-front investment.

Our user guide below shows how simple Instapak Quick is to use.

Step 1

Remove the bag from the Instapak Quick warmer. Unfold it and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2

Apply pressure to the ‘Press Here’ area on the lower left side of the bag to open the inside seal.

Step 3

Pat part A and part B back and forth and the bag will begin to expand.

Step 4

Place the expanding foam-filled bag into the cardboard box and nestle the product onto the cushion.

Step 5

Place a second expanding foam-filled bag on top of the product. Close and seal the cardboard box.

Step 6

The Instapak Quick bag expands around the product and against the cardboard box to form a top cushion.

For further information on Instapak Quick foam-filled bags, please visit the Sealed Air website.

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