Do Not Stack Cones

When shipping or moving items, any damage that is caused is far from ideal. This is even more frustrating when it is avoidable damage that could have been prevented with some well considered signage. 

 At Macfarlane Online, as part of our wide-spanning transit boxes range, we have cardboard cones with ‘Do Not Stack’ writ large upon them. This makes it easy to identify and prevent pallets from being over stacked and helps unwanted damage to be avoided.

 These cones are easy to spot and provide clear and effective messaging to staff involved in the shipping process, avoiding any confusion and problems along the way. 

 Macfarlane’s Do Not Stack cones can be strapped to the top of pallets to make it crystal clear that no more should be added. They can be attached using strapping or tape - both of which are available in bulk from the Macfarlane Online store. 

 The cones are specially designed with gaps to make it easy to pull strapping or tape through, allowing for firm placement to make sure everybody on your team is able to spot the ‘Do Not Stack’ warning with ease.

 We have a wide variety of transit boxes available to meet your wholesale packaging needs at Macfarlane Online. We have Export Boxes, BDCM Boxes and palletised containers available to buy to support your transit requirements, while there’s also a host of ecommerce boxes and retail boxes available too.

 To start adding wholesale packaging from Macfarlane Online and take advantage of our excellent delivery options too, simply create an account with us today.

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