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Packaging is the first thing that a recipient of online-bought goods sees. It needs to make the right first impression. It has to be the right size. It must be strong: not only for the journey there, but just in case the customer decides to return the product. What's more, well-made eCommerce packaging is typically reusable for other things later, making it planet-friendly as well as wonderfully handy.


Macfarlane Packaging Online has been working in partnership with e-retailers for years. We can offer your business a whole host of eCommerce packaging options, whatever the nature of your online enterprise, and however large or small (or uniquely shaped?) the products that you sell. Even better, our innovatively designed packaging is exceptionally strong and durable, meaning you can look forward to reduced returned goods, with less damage to products in transit occurring.

No one knows packaging quite like Macfarlane

We can offer you a wide range of packaging products, backed by over 60 years of experience.


  •  Are uniquely placed to identify hidden costs, and to make objective recommendations to reduce those costs 
  • Can add value to your online business
  • Will show you how to make efficiencies throughout your entire eCommerce packaging operation.
Speed up your packaging (and reduce packaging storage)
Place an order today for exceptional and environmentally-friendly eCommerce packaging that:
  • Is purposely designed for the eCommerce market
  • Can be assembled quickly and opened without a struggle
  • Is courier and postal safe
  • Usually requires no packing tape for assembly, thanks to the included "crash lock"
  • Includes product dimensions displayed as Length x Width x Depth
  • Can easily have your company name or logo printed on it — helping you to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD

Let us help you find the right packaging to protect not only your products, but also your brand, your reputation... Get packaging that protects your goods at key stages of the supply chain, while simultaneously saving money and being kind to the environment.


Look forward to reduced costs and delivering an enhanced customer experience. What's more, for your convenience, we can also supply you with high quality marker pens, plain labels, and other packing room accessories, making Macfarlane Packaging Online your eCommerce packaging and postal necessities one-stop-shop, saving you time, money, inconvenience, taking the pressure off…

Increase your brand awareness

Packaging for Internet retailing and mail order isn't 'just' about packaging suitability and strength, is it? There's an excellent branding opportunity to capitalise upon here. From us, get bespoke packaging that's superbly fitting for your business — powerful, memorable and target market-appropriate package branding. Customised packaging for eCommerce sales is a low-cost way to advertise products and services to your customer-base, helping to reinforce your position as your buyers’ first choice supplier.


Let us help you to manage the supply and demand of your online retailing operation, by being your packaging partner: always there when you need us, and with the expertise to create a low-cost customised solution, if that's what your business requires!