Ecommerce Boxes

eCommerce Boxes

Macfarlane Packaging's postal ecommerce boxes are quick to erect and self-seal, making them ideal for packing small beauty items and small electronics. With an easy-to-open tear strip.

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Special boxes for the ecommerce market

The ecommerce market is growing fast, and customers are ordering more and more products online.

We know that ensuring products reach customers in pristine condition and with no damage is a vital part of the online retail user experience. The last thing companies want is calls from customers complaining that products have been damaged or smashed upon arrival. This will only jeopardise their chances of shopping with them again.

That’s why Macfarlane Packaging Online stocks a great selection of boxes designed for the ecommerce market. These tough, durable boxes provide fantastic protection for products and lower the chances of unhappy customers due to damaged goods.

We offer ecommerce boxes of different sizes and styles, enabling your customers to find the right postal box for their product specifications.

We also offer a selection of crash-lock boxes. These are easy to set up by hand and are made from versatile, toughened materials that offer a new level of protection for products.

The design of our ecommerce boxes also means that, in general, no packing tape is required. This helps users save on costs and enhances the end-customer experience by allowing them to avoid having to endure a messy, frustrating unpacking process.

Take a look through our selection of boxes designed specifically for the ecommerce industry and make a smart decision about the packaging you offer to customers today. Don’t let inferior packaging spoil somebody’s day – let Macfarlane Packaging Online deliver the best for you!