Postal Cubes

Postal cubes.

Ideal for storing and shipping artwork, posters & more! Sturdy mailing boxes are great for moving and storage.

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Postal Cubes

At Macfarlane Packaging Online, we are very proud of our innovative Postal Cube offering. Ideal for shipping things like artwork and posters, we have designed our Postal Cube to better store objects in transit and cut down on packaging waste. Anyone used to sending out tubular packages will know the handling and storage difficulties these can present. They can be frankly roguish and roll across the warehouse floor, as well as being difficult to store due to their rigid design.

A Modern Approach

Our Postal Cubes are innovative and offer a range of benefits to users. They are easier to handle and far simpler to store due to their cubed design, making stacking a more straightforward process. Rather than selling our Postal Cubes as singular items, we supply a roll of material that can then be cut to bespoke lengths depending on what is to be sent. This helps cut down on wastage as suitable lengths can be easily judged.

Ideal for the ecommerce industry, our selection of Postal Cubes come in varying lengths of roll and different diameters, providing you with a host of purchase options. The rolls can be purchased in brown or white. We also stock starter kits and dispenser boxes if you’ve not used our Postal Cube packaging before, and sell packs of handy end caps that will help keep items safe during transit.

Postal Cubes from Macfarlane Packaging Online are ideal for those with a varied product range and desiring greater flexibility when it comes to their packaging needs. Additionally, be sure to browse our stapler and staples options and make the most of using one of our Postal Cubes.