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When it comes to sending books, board games and other flat, solid items, finding the right packaging can be quite tricky.

These items do not necessarily lend themselves to envelopes due to their size and weight. Additionally, there’s a higher chance of product damage if sent in an envelope as they don’t offer the requisite levels of protection.

Similarly, people may not want to send a book or game in a box, as this will require filler and can cost more in terms of delivery charges.

The answer is a postal wrap. At Macfarlane Packaging Online, we have a great selection of wraps that have been cleverly designed to temporarily hold items of a flat, solid nature.

The postal wraps fit tightly around items, minimalising movement and significantly lowering the need to use additional wrapping or packaging when sending.

Our range of postal wraps comes in a host of sizes, allowing your customers to find the perfect packages for their specific needs.

Postal wraps are also great for sending more than one product at a time. So, if your customers need to send out multiple flat, solid items, they can save on packaging costs by sending them out in a single package.

We also stock a selection of standardised book packs that are specially designed to house books of different sizes. With three options available with different dimensions, these are perfect for getting literary and academic books out to those who need them.

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