Retention Inserts

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Tired of complaints from customers about products reaching them damaged due to packaging that’s not able to protect them in transit? Or are you looking to include a higher level of protective packaging within your stock?

Macfarlane Packaging Online offers an excellent range of retention boxes that are designed to protect items against shock during handling and transportation.

Included in our range are inserts from Korrvu. Created with an elastomeric film, these inserts offer an extra level of protection against damage that can occur during the shipping process – be it from vibration or mishandling.

These inserts offer levels of protection other types of packaging simply cannot. The item is protected on all sides by the film that prevents movement during transit. This therefore eliminates the need for protective foams or other ways of cushioning products to prevent damage.

Take that Extra Step

An additional benefit of an insert from Korrvu is that when an end customer opens their package, the product within is presented to them in a way that looks fantastic. The customer experience is thereby enhanced and retailers receive additional kudos as it is clear extra steps have been taken to do what’s possible to protect their purchase.

All our retention boxes can be bought in bulk at great wholesale prices. Don’t put off getting hold of great ecommerce packaging options from Macfarlane Packaging Online.

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