Filla Papers

Filla paper rolls from Macfarlane Online are a great way to add a new level of protection to your packaging setup.

Our filla paper is manufactured from recycled materials, thereby offering an excellent sustainable packaging offering. This also means that once the package has been safely delivered, this product can be recycled along with other recyclable products and reused again in an environmentally-friendly way.

 Filla paper can be used to wrap items and keep them safe as part of a packaging solution for your business.

 Filla paper can also be used as filler paper to prevent unwanted shifting and movement of items during transit. The papers should be manually scrunched if required for this purpose.

 These packing papers are both economic and environmentally friendly, offering a great purchasing option for your business.

 We have a broad range of paper packaging options, including kraft paper, packing pagers and copier papers.

 There are also paper roll dispensers available, as well as a true range of different packaging solutions for your requirements.

 Take a look through our delivery service offerings too, and if you have questions, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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