Protective Airsac Beer

When shipping or distributing bottles of beer, any damage incurred during transit is likely to have a big effect.

At Macfarlane Online, not only is there a host of protective packaging solutions, but we have packaging specifically designed to keep beer bottles safe and secure in transit.

Our protective Airsac beer packaging is a high-quality offering that allows for the easy and safe sending of bottled beer, ensuring that each bottle is given the very best chance of reaching its destination in the perfect condition.

  • Composed of only 2% film and 98% air
  • Has a high performance multi-chamber design
  • Flat before use, Airsac® is inflated using compressed air

When received, they will be flat before usage. They can then be inflated using compressed air to provide the requisite levels of protection for bottles with ease.

 We stock a variety of different beer bottle packaging options for your business. There are three beer bottle Airsac options, as well as full beer bottle Airsac kits for you to use.

 These Airsac kits come in a range of sizes - from three beer bottle Airsac kits, to six beer bottle Airsac kits and nine beer bottle Airsac kits. That allows you to easily find the perfect purchase for your specific requirements.

 And we have Airsac hand pumps to use too and pump up these packaging solutions upon arrival.

 Beyond beer Airsac products, we also have excellent protective Airsac solutions for wine, technology and general bottles.

 Make sure you look through the full range of offerings at Macfarlane Online. Familiarise yourself with our delivery options, and if you have any questions, get in touch.

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