Protective Airsac Bottle

Any delicate or easily damaged item must be carefully protected during transit. As a retailer or distributor, if this isn’t the case, the chances of having an unhappy customer due to a damaged product is significantly higher.Macfarlane Online has a host of high-quality protective packaging offerings to help you keep things safe and secure, and keep your customers smiling.

Included in our wide-spanning protective packaging range is a selection of protective Airsac packaging solutions for bottles.

With products and kits designed for large and medium-sized bottles, these are a great addition to any bottle packaging setup.

Comprised of just 2% film and 98% air, these packages are made with a high-performance, multi-chamber design that keeps bottles thoroughly protected during transit.

These Airsac items arrive flat, and can then be inflated using compressed air to get the desired protection.

 Our range of packaging solutions at Macfarlane Online contains packages suitable for a variety of requirements, including Protective Airsac for wine bottles, Protective Airsac for beer bottles and Protective Airsac for technology products all available to buy.

 Be sure to browse through our full range of protective packaging and find exactly what you need from Macfarlane Online today.

Make sure you take a look at our delivery options too, while we have a team of experts ready to answer any questions you may have.

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