Protective Airsac Tech

Technology is a big, big industry these days, with everybody seemingly having a number of devices at their disposal.

 Of course, for this to be the case, shipping and delivery of technological items is very important. 

These devices are often expensive and need to be protected at all costs. This is where robust protective packaging from Macfarlane Online can play such an important role.

 We have a range of Airsac protective packaging designed to keep technology items safe and secure during transit and allow them to reach their destination with no damage and ready for use.

 Our range contains a selection of different sized Airsac packages to provide buyers with the perfect packaging solution for their specific needs.

 There are large mobile phone Airsac’s available, as well as tablet Airsac packages of different sizes. 

 We also offer laptop Airsac packages of different sizes too. And we have hard disk drive Airsac packages if this is what you’re looking to ship. 

 These Airsac packages are made from just 2% film, with the rest being air. The high performance multi-chamber design keeps items truly safe.

 These technology packaging products come flat packed, and should be inflated with compressed air before use. We have Airsac hand pumps that can be used to do this.

 There are plenty of other items that need a high level of protection when in transit. We have protective Airsac wine, protective Airsac beer, and protective Airsac bottle products for you to buy too.

 Be sure to browse through our delivery options too, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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