Air Pillows

Pacplan® airwave pillow system machine helps save on storage space and reduce your carbon footprint

Pacplan® airwave pillow system is an innovative cushioning solution designed specifically to meet the needs of modern fulfillment and for shipping your items with a peace of mind. Pacplan® airwave pillow system - the perfect air pillow system for small operations with limited space for storage and packing.

Pacplan® airwave pillow machine creates efficient, on-demand air pillow void fill from compact roll film. It has ergonomic design, powerful performance and power saving mode.

Air cushions are designed to protect the goods from damage in transit as they help keep items from moving around within a box or bag, even when the packs are dropped.

This on-demand, inflatable cushioning solution is perfect for shipping breakable products, and is simple to use. Pacplan® air pillow film is supplied flat and can be easily inflated using Pacplan® airwave pillow machine.

Environmentally friendly - containing 99% air - strong and resilient, and made of 100% recyclable HDPE film, airwave void pillows will protect your products from your door to your customer.

Pacplan® airwave pillow system is designed to reduce packaging waste and storage. 

It is small enough to sit on a store counter or in the limited spaces of a city business.

1 roll of Pacplan® air pillow film is equivalent to 6 x 15m3 bags of loosefill.

This means that 1 pallet, or 210 rolls of the Pacplan® air pillow film is equivalent to 1,260 15m3 bags of loosefill which equates to 5 fully loaded articulated lorries required to transport the equivalent loosefill to just 1 pallet of Pacplan® air pillow film.

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