Premium Tapes

To be the efficient and effective business you want to be, it’s important everything is presented and delivered to the highest standards.

 This extends down to every detail of what you do. From a packaging perspective, when distributing, selling or sharing items or products, it’s important that the minute details of what you provide are spot on.

 At Macfarlane Online, we stock a variety of premium tapes to help make doubly sure that the impression you give of your company is the best it can be.

 Our premium packing tapes range is broad, with different colours and sizes for you to cater for different needs.

 We stock clear packing tapes in 38mm, 48mm and 75mm. Made with solvent-based adhesives, these tapes are really good for long term sealing, but can also be used for short term sealing equally effectively.

 There’s also a selection of premium brown packing tapes available, again in different sizes for your requirements.

 Our brown packing tape range contains both standard duty, 32 micron versions and heavy duty, 60 micron varieties.

 Beyond our premium tapes, we stock value tapes, standard tapes, and bonus tapes for you to choose from. And there are tape dispensers available too.

 if you want to take things to a new level, take a look at our customisable printed tape as well.

Our delivery offerings are another excellent reason to shop with Macfarlane Online, and if you have any questions for our team, simply get in touch.

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