Spirits Pack Type A

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  • Dimensions: 245 x 119 x 112 mm
  • Pack: 1
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UPS Approved Spirits Packaging in size type A was designed to accommodate small and bulky bottles and used for different types of spirits, typically for gin or whisky of 500ml/700ml.

Suitable for bottles with maximum dimensions:

Height 245 mm

Width 119 mm

Depth 112 mm

For maximum security, ensure bottle is big enough to become firmly suspended behind the film, preferably leaving no more than 2 inches space from the edges of the insert. 

UPS Approved Spirits Packaging is a combined solution of the outer box and the insert that together ensure the proper security of the bottle.

Using replacements for any of the packaging elements is not covered by certification.

Other sizes available (type B, C and D).

Instructions on how to fold packaging are available here.

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