Stock your store with packing boxes for summer movers

They say that moving home is up there as one of the most stressful things a person can do.

But that’s not just something people say by the way – there are legitimate statistics to back it up.

A 2015 study from energy provider E.ON found that moving home was considered more stressful than heartbreak! This research found that 6 in 10 people found moving home to be their most stressful life event.

Given the fact that anybody looking to get prepared for a big house move is also getting ready for several days, weeks and possibly months of stress, the least you can do is make it easy to get all the removal boxes and moving day packaging they need.

Macfarlane Online is the perfect place to stock up on wholesale packaging and cater for these customer needs with ease. You can add excellent moving house packaging and not only make it easier for people come moving day, but also secure yourself some additional summer revenue.

Our online store has a range of packing boxes specifically designed for moving house.

Within this selection, we have packs of removal boxes available in packs of 16, 24 and 48. That means you as a retailer have the option of selling these boxes separately or in multipacks, providing movers with ample packaging for their requirements.

Our removal boxes range contains large, book and double wall boxes, so you can easily meet the requirements of your customers.

Moving clothes can be a tricky proposition, but it needn’t be with wardrobe carton and rail packaging from Macfarlane Online. This helps keep clothes protected and safe in transit.

But perhaps the most vital piece of kit you can offer is a full house moving kit. Macfarlane Online sells moving kits with a swathe of packaging options for customers, giving them everything they need to take some of the stress out of moving day.

Our range of moving kits includes collections for 1-2 bedroom houses3-4 bedroom houses, and even a mega house moving kit. This means you can provide customers with homes of all sizes with the kit and packaging solutions they need.
Our range also includes plastic chair covers and plastic mattress covers, so make sure everything you need for a satisfied customer come moving day is ready and available.

To start adding moving home packaging to your store, simply create an account with Macfarlane Online if you don’t yet have one.

We also offer excellent delivery options, including next day delivery on orders placed before 3PM.

Get your store sorted for summer movers with Macfarlane Online. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our team.

A large removal box from Macfarlane Online

A wardrobe carton and rail packaging solution from Macfarlane Online

Mega moving kit from Macfarlane Online