What’s in store for online retailers this Christmas 2019?

As an online retailer, the run up to Christmas is arguably the most important time of year.

How successful this time proves to be for your business can shape the overall year you have. Lots of sales and happy customers and your overall margins will skyrocket. Miss out on opportunities here though, and it can be a very different picture.

One element of online retail today is reputation. It’s all about building and delivering the kind of customer experience that will bring shoppers back to you, or encourage word of mouth about your business.

Packaging is an important part of this. If your packaging is excellent and of the highest quality, that will bode well for your business as it will help enhance the overall customer experience. If it falls short, that all important experience will suffer and the ramifications could be catastrophic.

To help your business have a Christmas period to remember, Macfarlane Online has picked out some of our favourite packaging options for your business to consider this Christmas. This can help you deliver the very best offering for each and every one of your customers.

Meet the rush with Ecommerce Boxes

Christmas gift buying is something people tend to have a varied approach to. Whether well planned and organised, or last minute is the order of the day, as an online retailer you need to cover all bases for purchases from your online store.

We recommend stocking up on a range of ecommerce boxes of different sizes to distribute your products in high quality packaging solutions ahead of Christmas 2019.

Macfarlane Online has a selection of ecommerce boxes, including small, medium and large ecommerce boxes for you to buy in bulk. Many come with crash locks too for added contents protection.

A small ecommerce postal box with crash lock

Brilliant Bottle Packaging

If ever there was a time to relax and unwind with a favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, Christmas is it.

Thousands and thousands of bottles are sent ahead of Christmas every year, but by their very design, if there is damage during transit, that can be disastrous.

A great way to counter this is Airsac bottle technology, and as a retailer of bottles the range of Airsac protective packaging available at Macfarlane Packaging Online can leave you with fewer unhappy customers.

We suggest our Airsac winebeer and general bottle selections in the run up to Christmas 2019.

A six bottle Airsac kit

Top level technology packaging

With the proliferation of devices and technology around today, there are naturally going to be a lot of this kind of product sent in the run up to Christmas.

If you’re a technology retailer, we have Airsac technology packaging for you to stock up on.

This range includes protective packaging for mobile phones, laptops and tablet devices. So if you’re selling technology for Christmas shoppers, get the best packaging solutions for your requirements from Macfarlane Online.

Tablet packaging for Christmas shopping

Gorgeous gift packaging

Obviously at Christmas time, gift giving is the order of the day. To help your customers add a touch of class, provide them with top-quality gift packaging options.

We have a variety of gift boxes suitable for a wide number of products available at our online store.

A white large gift box

Get general retail bags and papers too

We have a host of retail packaging solutions that can provide you with flexibility and options in the run up to Christmas this year.

We advise stocking up on items like counter bagsfilm fronted bagstissue paper and decorative wrap to provide great packaging options for your customer base this year.

There’s also a wide variety of tapes and strapping products for you to stock up on. Find all the wholesale packaging you need for Christmas 2019 on our site.

Start shopping with Macfarlane Online today and begin preparing your online retail business for Christmas 2019 today. Open an account with us and start your preparations today.